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Lets bake a cake!

Great videos like great cakes are only as good as the ingredients.

The key to making great videos all start with the content.  GrayTimes job is to help you discover and create great content.

Our Award-Winning Team


Success is about having a burning desire for continual improvement.   Each day and each client is a opportunity to reach new levels of growth and challenges for new ideas and strategic improvement.  Today's technology is a bouncing ball which makes it all the more important to stay ahead of the game.  Reasting on ones laurels and awards is no longer a winning strategy.  

Our Clients


We are looking for customers who want to build a win-win relationship.  More than just wanting to make a sale,  GrayTime desires to build strategic partnerships.  Are you looking to hire a company that has your best interests at heart?  Located in the mid-west town of Cincinnati, GrayTime has built its reputation on small town America values.   A passion for excellence combined with a humble, friendly philosophy that happy clients are at to core of what makes a company successful.


We make your branding  come alive with video!

GrayTime Services


Service #1 Video

GrayTime wants to help you with your next video.  We are a full service video shop.   We will help you create your video content, film you, edit the b-roll, and help you build a marketing game plan.  Our pricing is on a per-project basis so lets have coffee or zoom and talk about your needs.


Service #2 Sales Consulting

After working for 25 years as a leader in the retail automotive industry,  GrayTime has a wealth of sales / marketing experience to share with your company.   Need help with social media and using video to increase your sales? Do you think your missing out on some great opportunities?  Lets talk!


Service #3 Influencer Community

Come and join a new community of people with great ideas and who want to be influential leaders in their industry. The Influencer Community belongs to  an entrepreneurial group who are focused on growing, learning, and sharing with other like-minded business owners.  Together we are stronger.   

Find Us at :  TheICNetwork.com  

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